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How to apply free product?

Free Products Rule(update to 2017.4.20)

  • Q
    1. What is a free product?
    AliPrice are cooperating with AliExpress, we offer free product for you, it's totally free, including the shipping fee.
  • Q
    2. How to apply for the free product?
    1. Register as Aliprice Partner
    2. Update your profile and verify your social channel, include Youtube/Vk group/Facebook group and so on.
    3. It's no limits of country, anyone can apply it.
  • Q
    3.What I must to do if in win one?
    After you receive the product,
    1. Must make a youtube video and publish on your Youtube channel about in 15 days.
    2. Clip a 60~240 seconds short video from your Youtube video.
  • Q
    4. What is the requirements of making youtube video?
    1. Need to add aliprice partner Product Tracking Link(commssion 8.5%) on your video description.
    2. Add your invite link below the Youtube video in the description. Your invite link>>.
    3. Advertisement in your video and video description are allowed, but not advertisement of any any cashback or tools about aliexpress, such as EPN, LetyShops, Admitad, Alibonus, AliExpress Radar, AliTool and so on.
    4. Follow the seller's note.
  • Q
    5.What require to make 60~240 seconds short video?
    1. It's clip from your Youtube video. Video format must be MP4, screen aspect ratio should better be 16: 9, definition should better be 720p.
    2. It's only for this product, there should not include other product in it, example video.
    3. Except your channel introduction, there should not be other thing in it.
    4. Add aliprice's introduct video at the start of video(about 5 seconeds), click to download.
    5. Upload to the Yandex disk/Google drive, so that we can download it.>>
  • Q
    6.What should I do to win more free products?
    1. Share your extension invite link, more you invite, more free product you will win.
    2. Help seller that check item's name and description grammatical errors.
    3. Fill your profile, especially your avatar. True avatar will help a lot.
    4. Make a creative video.
    5. More Cooperation with aliprice, more free products.
  • Q
    7.What is "Provide prizes"?
    1. In some of free products, We will provide 1~20 additional products as a prize, so that you can draw lottery on your Youtube video.
    2. It's total free(include shipping fee), and you can make your own rule in your video so that there will more views for your Youtube video.
    3. Contact us to know who win the lottery and her/his account on aliprice. Winner should fill their shipping address by click there>>.
  • Q
    8.Can i always get the free products?
    Yes, AliPrice is a Chinese Company, so that we can cooperate with AliExpress easily.
  • Q
    By register be AliPrice Partner, you are agreeing to these agreement >>.
  • Q
    10.More ideas or suggestions
    If you have any ideas or suggestion, please contact us >>.